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What my clients are saying...


"From the very first meeting with Maggie, she created a welcoming environment. 

Maggie made me feel safe to share the areas of improvement in my life with zero judgment. She had a clear way of explaining the actions I could easily implement in my own life. As a coach, she made me feel uplifted and inspired when I really needed it most.  During each session we went through different areas of life and I gained so many good tips and pieces of advice along the way. This included everything from fitness to finance. In fact, having my goals clearly visualized with Maggie made it possible for me to get a new dream job! I would warmly recommend her to anyone looking for a new direction in life, or clarifying current dreams and goals."


“Maggie finds a good balance between understanding the person’s current ability and the routines that they can engage with to help them progress.”


"Maggie is an outstanding life coach. She has given me insight into my career options and helped me implement highly useful lifestyle changes. She has been excellent in discussing ideas for life strategies, allowing me to find practical solutions to a wide range of areas in my life, including career and wellbeing. For the latter point, I have seen my health improve, and I have been able to reach fitness goals through nutritional guidance. I can say she has very much helped me grow as a person."


“I’ve known Maggie a short while, but she has made a huge contribution to my well being and confidence. On my return to the gym, after I had a back operation and my confidence was low and I’d put on some weight, Maggie saw it in her role to approach me for a friendly chat  to discuss why I was hesitant to train harder. I found her to be a very good listener, which enabled her to plan a workout to help me lose the weight I was carrying, train sensibly to protect my back and she also gave me information about the right food to eat and not to eat. I achieved my weight goal in a matter of months following the advice and guidance from Maggie. I have no doubt that Maggie will definitely be an asset to anyone who seeks her services.”


“Maggie is a stellar personal trainer. She has helped me to achieve my fitness goals. She is highly motivating, organised and a real pleasure to work with.”


“Maggie is a great motivator, and knowledgeable about training. Her workouts are enjoyable and hard work at the same time.”

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